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The only youth obstacle course of it's kind!

More Than A Course

Faith + Fitness Field Days


 The Rock The Challenge Obstacle Course is used to dedicate fitness to something much greater than ourselves. To those who can't; to those who need us; to God for giving us life! #iDedicate 

To be an example


We started RTC as a way to show kids that fitness can be fun, meaningful, and not about us! The entire day is built around team building, unity, and prayer. We started with Holy Trinity in Avon just three years ago. Now, we are at 7 schools and rallying over 2,400 kids this year!

Thanks for helping us build stronger schools and communities through faith and fitness!

Coach Theo & Coach Dan

15+ Obstacles



Rock The Challenge is a 15+ station obstacle course that we bring to schools for an entire field day. All kids have the opportunity to run through the course multiple times. 

We typically start the day with a morning speech to explain the day and give the students some background on RTC and why we're doing it.  Principals usually lead with a welcome and announcements. We set up some expectations and rules to alleviate nerves and then start the day off with prayer and a fun pep talk to get everyone excited! 

While certain grades are running through the RTC Course in waves, the other students are participating in other activities set up by teachers and volunteers. There are usually 8 stations that we rotate kids through during the day, counting the RTC Course. 

Some schools buy t-shirts, some use RTC as a fundraiser, some get sponsors, some just set it up as one big team-building day. It really depends on the school's goals/desires. 

We always end the day with an assembly that highlights special stories, life lessons and scripture, and a school-wide huddle to finish strong with our "I WILL" Chant. 

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